San Jose's best low cost appliances

For 15 years we have been selling good home appliances in san jose ca. our local san jose stores are full of Fridges, Washers, Dryers, Cooktops, at low priced. We are in san jose ca 95122 and 95113. Our two stores Serve the bay area and we are a local appliance store as well. Shop our two locations near me for new or very nice certified used appliances. Don't spend thousands on brand new, you can save 30-60% off on the same item at our store.


"I've been doing business with them for years absolutely phenomenal especially being in the apartment maintenance business having the option of new or used appliances has made things a lot easier depending on the situations as well as being able to have them repair anything if needed good people they treat you right not like the faceless caring less people in corporate places it's those little things that make a big difference and who I give repeat business too because when I can be treated as a person someone that can get answers when I have questions and not made to just leave an email and they'll get back to you whenever."

- Scott Blesie

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